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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What is the difference between Hair Weave & Hair Bonding?

Hair Weave is the process to add human or artificial hair over the natural hair for changing the appearance of someone. You can change your look completely by using weave. The Indian Remy Hair should be the top-most quality in hair extension. Remy hair has the layer of cuticle, the peripheral layer in a strand of hair, looking like shingles on rooftop. The Remy hairs have the layer of cuticle developing in its regular and same direction. The layer of the cuticle is critical as it is concerned with the tangling of hair, permanence in use and shining of hair. With the layer of cuticle level and in place, the hair can reflect light, along these lines making it shine.

Some important benefits of hair weave contain adding up volume or thickness, lengthening of hair in case of thinning hair or fine hair. You can also add stylish color to your hair or get the different texture of hair without influencing the original hair. Weaves have found reputation in the group of people of Afro-American women since 1990s. Colors are generally added to the common hair per strand. One of the sorts of utilization is known as sew-in. Even weft hair could be attached to the natural hair with the help of glue, this process is known as hair weaving. In this process of gluing you can easily wash your hair with special shampoo or conditioner, which removes only the glue holding natural hair.

Extension Hair or hair weave directly apply attached to each strand than as rows, which are long and sewn together. The hairs are attached with the help keratin tips, which take after to the finish of shoe-strings. The hair which is applied per strand comes in a bunch of 50 to 80 strands. They can be attached by a direct bond with the hair while they can also be attached with the help of copper links as they give the maximum natural look. This is a time-consuming method because 100-300 extensions are applied independently. Thus this technique is a bit expensive than other alternatives.

We can say that hair bonding is a technique of temporary hair weaving, and it’s a very popular method. It is the best way if you want thicker, longer and colorful streaks on real hair. With the help of special glue, hair tracks are attached to someone’s hair roots or scalp. The life of these tracks is one or two weeks. In bonding toupees or custom, wigs are attached using glues that are medical grade. There is two type of bonding:

Hard bond: hard bond dries in epoxy adhesive consistency.
Soft bond: A soft bond dries in rubber paste consistency

Just a few individuals are suggested for hard bond for whom soft bond doesn't hold properly. Such permanent bonds generally keep going for 4 to 6 week, after which it ought to be checked for maintenance.

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