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Friday, 7 July 2017

Hair Weaving in Delhi, Methods of Hair Weaving, Benefits, Procedure

Hair Loss has become a common problem all over the world. There are a lot of people even young guys are suffering from this crucial problem. They are becoming bald & getting no better solution to cure it. Every Bald person wants to restore their hairs. Today, we are discussing about the ways to restore the hairs. There are two main ways for Hair Restoration.

1.Surgical Procedure
2.Non Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedure: In the Surgical Procedure the best solution is Hair Transplant. It is purely a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will take the hairs from the donor area and grafting on to the bald area. This procedure is the best way to restore hairs. It will give you the natural hair growth. But this procedure has some side effects also & it’s a painful procedure.

Non Surgical Procedure: In the Non Surgical Procedure there are so man solutions to get back the hairs without any surgery or operation. In this Hair Expert will analyze your bald area & put a hair patch on the baldy area & fix it with the help of bond glue. It is a best method without any pain or surgery. The main methods come in this procedure:
  • Hair Weaving
  • Hair Bonding
  • Non Surgical Hair Replacement
  • Permanent Hair Fixing
Today, we are discussing about Hair Weaving & its procedures.

Hair Weaving is also known as extensions which are the most popular technique of changing your hairstyle recent days. It is basically for incorporating new hair either synthetic or natural to the existing hair of a person. It is a way of adding new hairs to the scalp with the help of weaving or braiding of human or synthetic hair. Those who doesn’t have a good hairstyle just because of hair loss they must go for having thick beautiful hair with Hair Weaving. This procedure allows the person to get the desired look by having  more hair density to the original hair. This method is best for the guys who are suffering from the issue of hair thinning or baldness. My Hair Weaving is the best clinic cum centre for solution of baldness or hair restoration. To get the best hair weaving in delhi kindly visit our centre.

Hair Weaving Methods

There are various types of weaving styles like bonding, tracking, net weaving & fusion or tree braiding. Method will be used after analyzing the hair of individual. These all methods are the way to achieve hair weaving mentioned below:


It is one of the best used method where the hair is split into pieces of weaved hair to be added to the natural hair, close the scalp using the hair glue. It is a popular way which not only adds volume but also streaks of color to natural hair. It is safe method. In order to prevent from damage, tracks are removed after some days. Mainly two types of bonding are there one is soft bonding & another is hard bonding.

Hair Loss Treatment
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Hair Fall Prevention & Causes
Hair Restoration

2. Tracking

Tracking is another way of integration which includes the natural hair into various tracks.  Hairs are split into the tracks & sewn on the head. This method is very tough & should be done under the hair expert. It must be completed by a hair professional.  For having a full head weave, braids are either covered with a net or sewn.  Thereafter, extra hairs are sewn into the braids, with tracks depending upon the look.

3.Net Weaving

The last but not least method is net weaving. In this technique, a net is used as a surface & the hair patch can be woven on this. This method is better for those who are facing huge thinning or baldness. It can lasts upto 2 to 3 months but requires proper care & maintenance. Using this method you can have benefits like
  • Natural Looking Hairs
  • No Damaged Hair
  • Can Wash with shampoo
  • Natural Hair Health
  • Genuine Look
  • Stunning Look
  • No Damaged Skin
  • Natural Look
Hair Weaving is the best way for Hair Restoration. Every Person want to get back their younger look at any cost just give me the solution. Here is the solution, don’t waste your time & money in searching the fake clinics, visit us at My hair Weaving, The best hair weaving centre in delhi provides you the best Non Surgical Hair Treatments without any surgery, pain. Take a time of some hours & take your look back.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What is the difference between Hair Weave & Hair Bonding?

Hair Weave is the process to add human or artificial hair over the natural hair for changing the appearance of someone. You can change your look completely by using weave. The Indian Remy Hair should be the top-most quality in hair extension. Remy hair has the layer of cuticle, the peripheral layer in a strand of hair, looking like shingles on rooftop. The Remy hairs have the layer of cuticle developing in its regular and same direction. The layer of the cuticle is critical as it is concerned with the tangling of hair, permanence in use and shining of hair. With the layer of cuticle level and in place, the hair can reflect light, along these lines making it shine.

Some important benefits of hair weave contain adding up volume or thickness, lengthening of hair in case of thinning hair or fine hair. You can also add stylish color to your hair or get the different texture of hair without influencing the original hair. Weaves have found reputation in the group of people of Afro-American women since 1990s. Colors are generally added to the common hair per strand. One of the sorts of utilization is known as sew-in. Even weft hair could be attached to the natural hair with the help of glue, this process is known as hair weaving. In this process of gluing you can easily wash your hair with special shampoo or conditioner, which removes only the glue holding natural hair.

Extension Hair or hair weave directly apply attached to each strand than as rows, which are long and sewn together. The hairs are attached with the help keratin tips, which take after to the finish of shoe-strings. The hair which is applied per strand comes in a bunch of 50 to 80 strands. They can be attached by a direct bond with the hair while they can also be attached with the help of copper links as they give the maximum natural look. This is a time-consuming method because 100-300 extensions are applied independently. Thus this technique is a bit expensive than other alternatives.

We can say that hair bonding is a technique of temporary hair weaving, and it’s a very popular method. It is the best way if you want thicker, longer and colorful streaks on real hair. With the help of special glue, hair tracks are attached to someone’s hair roots or scalp. The life of these tracks is one or two weeks. In bonding toupees or custom, wigs are attached using glues that are medical grade. There is two type of bonding:

Hard bond: hard bond dries in epoxy adhesive consistency.
Soft bond: A soft bond dries in rubber paste consistency

Just a few individuals are suggested for hard bond for whom soft bond doesn't hold properly. Such permanent bonds generally keep going for 4 to 6 week, after which it ought to be checked for maintenance.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Hair Care Issues that promotes to Hair Loss

If you are losing your hair then your parents are not responsible for it, because baldness is a polygenetic problem. Various internal & external factors may lead you to the terrible problem that we think as hair loss. The environment also affects the health of your hair & scalp.

There are many other factors that play important role in hair loss problem like mental stress, bad shampoos, medicines, major illness etc. You must know about all these factors & should be careful. These factors damage your health & quality of hair as well as your body and mind’s health.

hair care

Hair Care Don'ts:

·         If you care of your hair then avoid throwing that towel on your wet hair to dry them out. Exchange the towel with the t-shirt that made of soft fabric. If you rub hair rowdily with the soft fabric then hair will not be rubbed harshly unlike the towel, so the density remains the same.

·         Regularly visit to the best hair salon never hurts a person. Paying a visit doesn't indicate that you are visiting only for the purpose of getting hair cut. You should take some tips from professionals that save you from hair thinning or hair loss.

·         Heat styling tools play an important role to damage the quality of hair. Using these tools you can make your look batter & attractive, but only for short time. The impact it has later leads you to experience weaker strands as well as split ends. So you should use the best serum regularly to minimize the impact of heat on hair.

The aforementioned points are the major habits that can ultimately create hair fall, and should be prevented at all costs. In such case you should look for expert hair dresser who can give you the best advice & tackle the root cause of hair loss. If you are facing some other problem with the hairs then you should take an appointment to know what is going on inside your body.

Experiment and fault should only be done if you possess voluminous hair. Another thing that you can do is to simplify your hair routine if you want to minimize the hair fall problem.
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Female Hair Loss - If not handled properly can cause Psychological Stress

It seems that female hair loss is found more in young women today as compared to before. Female hair loss is actually a very individual process, depending upon various factors. Hair Loss mostly begins at the age of 50 & even after this age. It makes a pattern in females & in men also & commonly known as hair loss or alopecia.

When a woman starts recognizing the hair loss, she may not know about the loss whether it is temporary or permanent.  There are many causes of hair loss such as taking excessive birth control pills, long illness, pregnancy, hormonal dysfunction, medication. There is a possibility of having temporary hair loss then there is a re-growth, once a medication has been changed or stopped.
If you have concerned with the thinning of your hair then it will be best if you consult with an expert female doctor, who specialized in finding a treatment that is just good for you to reduce hair fall or re-growth your hairs. For Men, there are a lot of products available in the market but for women, there is less. Women need to have a kind of remedy who can stop hair fall or increase hair density. Men & Women develop differently & one more reason for a woman that the body of a woman reacts differently in illness as compared to a man.

For instance, firstly you need to check your medication that your medicine is not containing any progesterone drugs, as these drugs function like androgen. These kinds of drugs will increase the testosterone levels, which turn in causes dihydrotestosterone to build up while contributing to female pattern hair loss. Always ask your doctor if any of prescriptions containing any kind of progesterone drugs. Another natural factor can be the cause of aging, at the age of 40 or 50’s some women stop reproductive hormones & contributing to female pattern hair loss.

 Symptoms of Female Pattern Hair Loss

1. Excessive Thinning of Hair especially from the back.
2. Neutral Thinning on the scalp can be seen on front area.

Remedies & Treatments

Generally Female Hair Loss treatments follow the same approach as the solutions for men hair loss. There are usually two medical treatments for female hair loss which are preferred first:

·         Rogaine
·         Propecia

Allocation is also used for this & usually for younger women. For treating the female who has reached to menopause is to mix up of hormonal replacement medication with allocation.

Revivogen & Advecia are both for producing the great results for natural female hair loss remedies. These products are full of herbs, minerals & vitamins for hair growth without side effect during treating the female hair loss. Rogaine has FDA approved treatment for woman’s hair loss. Minoxidil is the main ingredient which is available in this product which stops producing DHT in the body. If you don’t want to use excessive of drugs or medicines then you can consult to hair loss treatment saloon for the alternate option weaving or braid in order to create much volume for your hair. It will give you the natural appearance also. It is good to ask the physician to ask many questions as you can think of that will stop hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Loss

1.       Excessive use of drugs
2.       Genetic
3.       High Fevers
4.       Birth Control Pills
5.       Medications
6.       Improper Hair Care
7.       Hormonal Dysfunction
8.       Infection
9.       Psychological Factors
10.    Lupus

As we know that there are many various causes for hair loss, the hair loss can be very traumatic for a woman. If you apply some remedies then it can be very effective for you. Two Common types of hair loss are Alopecia Areata & Androgenetic Alopecia. Diagnosis of Female Hair Loss can find the cause of hair loss & the pattern also. The name of the tool to find the type of alopecia is Histopathology.

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Hair Weaving in Delhi, Methods of Hair Weaving, Benefits, Procedure

Hair Loss has become a common problem all over the world. There are a lot of people even young guys are suffering from this crucial pr...